Hardening WordPress

If you have a WordPress website there is a 99% probability that it is frequently hit with hacking attackers. Hackers are not selective, and hit small business websites. Why do hackers hit WordPress websites? It's a long story but it comes down to a way for hackers to make money. The relevant fact for you is that your website performance will be diminished if your site is hacked. Google displays warnings in search results for hacked sites, which causes people to not visit your website. Hardening WordPress is the way to mitigate the chances of having these problems.

Our WordPress designers and developers can harden your site, including server security measures. Hardening a WordPress site involves applying best practices in WordPress settings, plugin and themes management, using SSL, and fine tuning file permissions.

Our cost to harden a WordPress website typically falls between $850-$1,500 USD.

SSL Encryption

Installing an SSL certificate adds encryption to your website. SSL serves to protect your information transferred through your wesbite. SSL is strongly recommended by Google. Adding SSL can improve your search engine ranking, and is a necessity for any site that processes credit card payments. Installing SSL on your domain has nothing but an upside. Our cost to install SSL on a website starts at $250, and may be more depending on the size and type of site you own.

Tiger SEO can provide and install an SSL certificate on your domain. If you are fairly technically savvy you can buy an SSL certificate and do the set-up yourself. The folks at Sucuri have created a step-by-step tutorial on How to Install an SSL Certificate.

Apache Server Security

Your web server is the heart of your internet marketing - it is where your site files reside. If you have server issues your website will have performance issues and possibly crash. Unfortunately, everyday millions of web server attacks are attempted on even small business web hosting.

Problems such as PHP injection, and other malware or viruses occur frequently. A study by the security experts at Acunetix reveals that at least 55% of websites have one or more high-severity vulnerabilities. Acunetix also states that 84% are susceptible to at least one medium-severity vulnerability issue.

There are a number of steps to improve server security that should be managed. Secrity measures are an overlooked part of website maintenance services. Time spent on security is not a cost that will provide a direct ROI, however; if your website crashes your internet marketing ROI will suffer.

Full Service Web Design Agency

For most small to mid-sized companies the internet is their best marketing tool. For this reason, these companies need a reliable service provider for website and internet marketing needs.

Tiger SEO offers a wide range of services to create, manage and advertise a business online. We invite you to use our quick links to explore website related services.

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