Revisions and Additions

Every website periodically needs some work. Whether its a cosmetic update or refelcting changes in a business, somebody needs to keep your site current. Whatever the reason or type of change, we offer prompt professional support for website maintenance or adding SSL certificates.

Types of Maintenance Agreements & Pricing

  • As-Needed Services: This approach is the frugal way to keep any site updated. In these engagements you define the scope-of-work and we give you a flat rate fee for our work.
  • WP Monthly Maintenance: This WordPress Plan starts at only $44 per month. It provides for any WordPress platform or plugins updates, and actively blocking identified hacker IP addresses.
  • WP Quarterly Maintenance: This WordPress Plan starts at only $250 per quarter. It provides the same services as the Monthly Plan, and due to the time between work it also includes a full site scan.
  • WP Annual Maintenance: This WordPress Plan starts at only $750 annually. It provides for the same services as the Quarterly Plan, and includes a website audit to identify coding errors and warnings.

WordPress Maintenance & Security

WordPress Maintenance services are absolutely essential to maintain the good working order of a WordPress website. The WordPress platform is updated 2-3 times a year. If you do not keep up, and attempt an update that spans several versions you can destroy your website. Additionally, you need to frequently check for plugin updates. Plugins drive cetain functions on your site, and if not updated in a timely manner can cause several types of problems. WordPress is not a build it and forget it website. WordPress sites need regular checks and updates.

WordPress Security services are the key to mitigating hacking attacks and the resulting problems. A hacked site can be destroyed, held for ransom, banned by Google or used for illicit purposes. The average WordPress website has numerous hacking attempts every week. WordPress site managers usually have no idea of the need to harden WordPress websites until it's been hacked.

Website File Backups

Website backup services are like an insurance policy - any damages can be resolved. Yes, sometimes a server crashes, or something goes wrong when working on a website. Without a backup of your site files your business is going to be in a major predicament, and probably suffer financially. Can you imagine losing your website and waiting several months to get a full website back online?

The way to rest assured is to have reliable automatic website backup services. If your business website is devastated you can restore it from a backup in less than an hour. Call for a quote.

Hire a Full Service Web Company

For most small to mid-sized companies the internet is their best marketing tool. For this reason, these companies need a reliable service provider for website and internet marketing needs.

Tiger SEO offers a wide range of services to create, manage and advertise a business online. We invite you to use our quick links to explore website related services.

Need website maintenance services??

If you have a need for website maintenance, file backup services or website security simply give us a call. Speak with a live person at 504-300-9544