What is AMP?

The AMP Project, is an open-source initiative driven to improve the mobile search experience. The project creates a new set of web design standards and requirements that create websites that render ultra fast, and perform exceptionally well across all devices and browsers.

AMP Web Pages deliver higher performance, improved user engagement with flexibility on content presentation. AMP web pages are the future, and the future is here. It's now time to get on board.

Responsive Design vs. AMP Design

Responsive web design improved the user experience by creating flexibility in rendering content. Responsive websites automatically adjust content presentation to adapt web pages for the viewing device. Responsive websites look good on a desktop monitor, laptop, tablet or mobile phone but they do not necessarily have fast page load times.

AMP web design improves the user experience by focusing on speed (page load times). Certainly aesthetics are the cornerstone of design, however; people want instant gratification. When they click on a lonk they want a web page to display immediately. AMP does not stifle aesthetics but there are strict criteria for AMP web design. AMP web pages must past validation standards in order to be indexed.

To get the benefits of AMP, you must hire a web design company that knows how to build AMP pages. We've been developing AMP pages since it's inception, and have live validated AMP pages to show you.

Google Mobile-First Indexing

After a few years of development, Google officially rolled out their mobile-first index. Mobile-first indexing affects search engine rankings based on the version of mobile content. Page load times are a critical factor for success in mobile-first indexing (for responsive websites and AMP pages).

The driving force behind this is that Google recognizes the majority of searches are mobile. Google also recognizes that their indexing process is geared more toward desktop experiences. Mobile-first indexing turns the tables. Ultimately, if your website is not mobile-friendly it will suffer in even desktop searches. Even if you have a responsive website design you still need AMP pages.

Full Service Web Design

From AMP pages and total website redesign, to web maintenance, security and SEO services, we can improve your digital marketing. We have nearly 20 straight years in web design and online marketing.

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