Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a perfect channel to improve branding and customer relationships.
Our agency can create strategies and manage paltforms to engage and influence your audience.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a strategic process of engaging potential and existing customers in a non-sales manner.

Your social media strategy should include a content calendar that is planned out months in advance. Your content can be amusing or informative, but it has to resonate with your target audience. Ultimately you are working to establish a rapport that builds trust and confidence in your brand. Make friends who become loyal customers.

How to Start Social Media Marketing

Plan with a purpose. Creating a social media marketing strategy is critical. Use research and brainstorming to develop content ideas that will interest your target audience.

Your content roll-out should be a deliberate effort to affect a specific result. Social media can postion your brand, reinforce desired attributes, and build customer loyalty. Give your audience a reason to follow you.

Create content that supports your brand

Content is king. Consistent with other areas of online marketing, content reigns king when it comes to social media marketing. Make sure you are offering valuable information that your ideal customers will find interesting. Create a variety of content by implementing social media images, videos, and infographics in addition to classic text-based content.

Branding consistency. Using social media for marketing enables your business to project your brand image across a variety of different social media platforms. While each platform has its own unique environment and voice, your business’ core identity should stay consistent.

Play well with others

Sharing links is nice. Using social media for marketing usually means a business is into self promotion. Sharing your unique and original content to gain followers, fans, and devotees is the main objective.

It’s great to also link to third party content. If other sources provide great, valuable information you think your target audience will enjoy, don’t be shy about linking to them. Linking to outside sources can improve trust in your brand, and you may even get some links in return.

Measure, observe and learn how to improve

Use analytics to measure results. You can’t determine the success of your social media marketing strategies without good data. Google Analytics can be used as a great social media marketing tool that will help you measure important performance metrics.

Watch your competitors. Love them or hate them, but sometimes you can learn from a competitor. It’s wise to keep an eye on competitors. They can provide valuable data for keyword research, where to get quality links, and show you what they are doing in your industry.

Determine what does and does not work. Over time analytics data will become instrumental in learning how to improve your social media marketing. Knowledge is powerful if you know what to do with it.

Local Search Is Social

There is something to be said about paying attention to local search citation sites. Especially sites that have an interactive environment.

Local search sites that publish reviews, and allow for a business to post content provide huge opportunities – to thrive or die. Ignoring these sites can allow your branding to suffer. All it takes is a few bad reviews and a lack of positive information to lose customers.

The #1 review source to monitor is Google My Business. Next are local search sites including BingPlaces, Foursquare, Kudzu and Yelp. (We strongly advise not buying advertising on Yelp.)

Also look at sites such as TrustedFew, Retellity, Thumbtack and Thursday Market. You should make a conscious effort to get good reviews on local search websites that rank high in your area.

Get Social Media Marketing Services

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