Optimizing Site Performance

Improve user experience and mobile search rankings

SEO (search engine optimization) is commonly perceived as making website changes for the purposes of improving search engine rankings. Generally this is content or conversion optimization, optimized page titles and description, and similar informational elements.

Technical SEO gets deep into the nuts and bolts of how to code a website that is loads fast in any browser. This improves the user experience and sets your site above the average website. If you want to improve search engine rankings, especially in mobile search results, you need serious technical SEO services.

The Technical SEO Process

Technical SEO Audit

A website technical audit begins with specialized software to examine a coding to find problems. We use a minimum of three programs for our SEOI audits. The SEO audits provide detail lists of errors, warnings and notices. These SEO audit checkliss are then used as guides to manage problems, and improve website performance.

A complete technical optimization audit includes a manual review of non-viewable files on your server. There are hidden files that have a tremendous impact on page speed load times. The typical web design firm does not understand server technology and how to optimize a hosting platform. We back this claim up with documented 2018 side-by-side tests of web design company websites and seo companies.

Technical SEO Services

With a technical SEO checklist in-hand, our specialists methodically work through a website to address each deficiency. During the process our specialists continually refresh audits to benchmark progress.

We routinely take the websites of new clients from page load times of 3-8 seconds down to 1.5 seconds to under 1/2 of a second (500ms). We are extremely skilled at technical SEO strategies and implementation. We invite you to compare our services to our competitors.

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