What is a Google Penalty

Google penalties are a form of ranking punishment for websites that violate Google's webmaster guidelines and standards. Your website can suffer ranking losses and even black-listing from a penalty. If your website ranking has experienced sudden and significant ranking losses a penalty may be the cause. Google penalty recovery is possible only when you correct the problem, and have Google to review your site. Google penalty recovery requires managing a specific restoration and verification process.

How do you find the cause of a ranking penalty? Finding the problem requires an understanding of webmaster guidelines, and how to troubleshoot a website. Penalties are usually aimed at websites suffering from very bad SEO attempts. Regardless of the root cause, you need an experienced Google recovery specialist to overcome the penalty.

Google Manual Penalty

Manual penalty removal begins with an assessment of your website. We utilize Search Console data, website audit tools and a manual review to search for problems. When we find problem areas we can advise you of the root cause, and set an expectation for what we can achieve. Common causes for manual penalties are over optimization such as faulty link building, inclusion in a PBN, or spammy use of Schema. After completing our work we will communicate with Google to request a review of your site and removal of the penalty.

Google Algorithm Penalty

Algorithm penalty removal can be very complicated because of the number of potential causes. Algorithm updates are launched on a steady basis. Large updates such as Panda, Hummingbird, Penguin are quite noticeable and what they target is fairly well known. Each major algorithm update has a specific focus. Your chances for recovery depend on how well you understand the update. As with manual penalties the problems can be corrected by hiring a top SEO company. One common cause is low quality, thin or duplicate content.

Duplicate content penalties generally refer to text content on your site that is nearly identical to copy on another website. Because Google indexes website pages, it is easy for Google to know which website page first published certain copy. Bad web designers and copywriters often copy/paste or poorly re-written content from another website. Direct or "soft plagiarism" will not be tolerated by Google. We can test your website for duplicate content issues, and make the necessary revisions.

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