Website Conversion Optimization

How to Increase Website Conversion Rate

CRO should have been a major part of your original website design process. Most website companies think of only aesthetics and "telling your story". To have an effective website, you website needs to engage visitors and move them to take action. Increasing website conversions requires assessing your website from multiple perspectives. This is where the art and science of conversion rate optimization comes into play.

Internet marketing has three basic needs

  1. 1) A Well Designed Website: Without a destination you can't engage customers. A good CRO strategy maps out the journey path, identifies the desired conversions, and determines the means to achieve the objectives. This strategy is brought forth in the creation of a mobile-friendly responsive website, and AMP web pages for mobile optmization.
  2. 2) Quality Website Traffic: CRO is obviously pointless without website traffic. By using organic SEO rankings, PPC advertising and other forms of search engine marketing you can reach potential customers. CRO largely determines your ROI from internet marketing.
  3. 3) Converting Traffic into Customers: Your website needs to engage visitors within 7 seconds. How you engage traffic varies depending upon the traffic source, and your type of business. Conversion rate optimization should be part of your web design process. It should also drive ongoing modifications to improve website visitor conversion actions. Top considerations are the UX (user experience), copywriting, presentation, styling, and landing page design.

Conversion Rate Optimization

If your existing site does not convert very well we can do an assessment to determine possible causes. Sometimes a site needs a minor overhaul. Sometimes we find that the site is outdated (often not mobile friendly) and needs to be replaced. Sometimes it can be the website, and external factors such as bad reviews on local search listings. Whatever the reasons may be, we can work with you to improve website conversion rates.

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