Press Release Services

We offer press release copywriting, submission to premium PR oulets, and account management services. With us there are no long-term contracts or monthly fees. We can get your news into the public domain at affordable rates.

Do I Need a PR Agency?

Did you know that the quality PR outlets have editorial standards for press releases? If your press release violates certain criteria your news will not be accepted for publication. If you do not have someone who is familiar with writing press releases you may find it next to impossible to write a professional announcement, and expedite it through the editorial review process.

Hiring a PR agency enables you to get business communications published in a timely manner. Having professional copywriters draft your announcement better assures that your business looks good in print. You may want to use your press release as a blog articles, content marketing or email marketing campaigns.

With decades of press release experience we know which are the best press release distribution services. We have different levels of distribution networks, however; all are part of a trusted press release distribution network.

Don't risk wasting your time or money on dead-end PR services. Call us to get business press releases that are found and read.

Things You Should Know

Performance Analytics. Do you want to know where your press release was published, the number of views or other info? We can provide media analytics to let you know how well your news is positioned. If you have Google Analytics you can also see how many people came to your website from our PR distribution partners.

We have relationships with the top paid press release distribution services inclding: PR Web / Cision, PR Newswire,, Send2Press, and eReleases. We promise you that if you have legitimate news, we can write a professional press rlease and walk it through editorial review, and have it published within 24 hours of approval.

We do not use free press release services simply because they are effectively worthless by search engine marketing agency standards.

Search Engine Marketing Services

Tiger SEO is a full service digital marketing agency. We offer standalone services and create customized programs to improve our client's branding, lead generation and sales revenue.

Our agency offers web design, SEO, PPC advertising and multiple types of search engine marketing services. We encourage you to use our quick links to explore our search engine marketing services. To explore all of our services you may visit our internet marketing services page.

Need an online press release?

Do you have news to share? Do you want to increase your online visibility and build a stronger brand? Reach out to a specialist to learn more.