Email Marketing Services

Getting Started With Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategy

The first order of business is to develop an email marketing strategy. Your strategy should support your sales and marketing plans. Knowing what products or services to promote, establishing a campaign calendar, and developing email address lists are key planning tasks. As a full service email marketing agency we can guide you through every step of the process.

Email Content Development

When your email marketing calendar has been completed your next step will be developing content for each campaign. The quality of your subject line plays a significant role in your "open rate" (percentage of people who open your email). Creating quality content affects engagement (Does the recipient read it or act upon it?), and impacts future open rates. If your content is interesting, solves a problem or is otherwise helpful to the recipient you're on the path to success.

Email Distribution Channels

Advertising Campaigns

Developing an email list can be a challenge. Obviously you may choose to start with your existing customers. Ideally these customers have formally "opted in" to receive email communications. Respecting the opt-in process is strongly recommended because consumer complaints can land you in violation of federal email marketing laws.

Other ways to grow your email list are: leverage social media and blogs, add a Subscribe button to your website, buy targeted email lists, and collect email addresses at events and trade shows. We can help you with tips and ideas on the best practices to increase your email lists.

Email Software and Services

Our agency can consult with you on the best email marketing software and services. We can setup any necessary accounts, create email marketing templates and manage adress list segregation. We can also manage settings to have analytics data delivered to your email. In short, we set-up and manage the distribution and delivery of your emails, and show you the results.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an online process using specialized software platforms and technologies to effectively advertise and promote a business through multiple online channels online and automate repetitive tasks.

Many companies are finding cost efficiencies in using marketing automation to grow their brand, and increase sales. Marketing automation is commonly used for repetitive taks such as email marketing, social media, and customer relationship management.

Due to the relatively complex nature of marketing automation software and services, most companies outsource their needs to a digital marketing agency.

Marketing departments at large corporations typically manage things in-house, but employ the same software and platforms as digital marketing agencies.

Popular Email Services

Constant Contact

Constant Contact, based in Massachusetts, provides a robust platform for email marketing. Constant Contact has been a great tool that we've used to help countless clients grow their business.

Mail Chimp

MailChimp, based in Atlanta, provides marketing automation for e-commerce businesses. From emails and pop-up forms, to customer surveys they have great tools to advertise and build your brand.

Hub Spot

HubSpot gets a lot of attention so we've included them in this list. We do not recommend HubSpot for a number of reasons, which we would be glad to share with you. Give us a call to learn more.

Search Engine Marketing Services

Tiger SEO is a full service digital marketing agency. We offer standalone services and create customized programs to improve our client's branding, lead generation and sales revenue.

Our agency offers web design, SEO, PPC advertising and multiple types of search engine marketing services. We encourage you to use our quick links to explore our search engine marketing services. To explore all of our services you may visit our internet marketing services page.

Interested in email marketing?

Email marketing can keep you connected to existing customers, and help you reach new customers. Reach out to an email marketing specialist to learn more.