PPC Management Pricing

Paid Search Advertising Prices and Cost

PPC advertising can be a very cost effective lead generator, and it can also be a huge waste of money. What makes the difference? The difference is making or losing money comes down to understanding best practices and actively managing the campaigns.

Most new PPC clients are initially concerned with the cost of PPC advertising. We understand this but the focus should be on the potential ROI. In some ways, you can think of PPC advertising as an on-call salesperson that works on straight commission.

How Much is PPC

Assuming you are using a PPC management company, the cost for PPC advertising is comprised of the agency fee and the click charges paid to the advertising platform (i.e., Google Ads, Bing Ads). For cost control you can set a daily or monthly budget.

The variable in PPC pricing is the actual click charges for the number of times someone clicks on your ad. There is no way to predict the number of clicks for any keyword. Keywords have different bid amounts (what you pay when your ad is clicked). This means that month-to-month you could get more or fewer clicks for the same amount of money. Your PPC strategy and ability to convert leads determine your level of success.

PPC Pricing Models

There are three common PPC pricing models used by PPC companies. We use only Hybrid Billing, which we believe is the most fair and ethical way to charge for PPC advertising.

  1. Hybrid Billing. We charge a flat monthly fee for our services. Actual click charges bill directly to your credit card, without an agency markeup. This pricing model covers us for our time, and your click charges went 100% to advertising your business. (no agency markup on click costs)
  2. Percentage Billing. The percentage billing model requires a minimum monthly advertiser spend amount, and the agency takes a percentage of the monthly advertising cost. We do not use this model because it encourages the agency to spike monthly click charges and pay less attention to the quality of the clicks.
  3. All Inclusive. The all-inclusive model is common to directory style advertising companies. They promise a certain number of clicks for a flat monthly fee. Often this means they meet the click quota with clicks generated from low priced, low quality terms. This enables them to pocket more of your money (all of the monthly payment not spent).

Our PPC Pricing Packages

Our PPC pricing packages are determined by the needs of the client. The pricing shown below provides a general idea of our PPC management services.

  • Small Business PPC Pricing
    Account Setup: $300* minimum
    PPC Management: $300/month min. + ad spend (CPC)
  • Mid-Size Business PPC Pricing
    Account Setup: $500 minimum*
    Monthly PPC Management: $500/month min. + ad spend (CPC)
  • Enterprise Business PPC Pricing
    Account Setup: $1,000 minimum*
    Monthly PPC Management: $1,000+/month + ad spend (CPC)

  • *PPC account set-up fees may be waived for qualifying companies.

To learn more about PPC pricing contact us or call 504-300-9544