PPC Keywords & Search Terms

Building Keyword Lists

PPC advertising success is built on finding keywords and search phrases that are relevant and highly searched. We use keyword research software to find the best keywords for our PPC management clients. For do-it-yourself PPC managers we can provide raw or refined keyword research lists, clustering, and pay-per-click consulting services.

Finding Keywords for PPC Advertising

Finding keywords for paid search advertising requires many hours of work to produce a quality lists. There are numerous "keyword generator tools" you could use as a starting point. The problem with keyword research tools is that they lack an understanding of your business. These tools provide lists of broad, top-level terms which typically generate low-quality clicks. Low quality traffic means poor conversions and a lot of money wasted.

Our PPC specialists leverage real world business experience and knowledge of your business to find the best keywords. Our knowledge of search habits enables us identify or create optimal long-tail search phrases. This allows us to create keyword lists that have improve click-through-rates (CTR) and conversions. This is the secret to getting more business while lowering the price for PPC advertising.

Keyword Grouping and Clustering

Keyword grouping (keyword clustering) improves ad group performance, resulting in lower PPC charges. Keyword clustering is a key part of buidling paid search ad groups. Our clustering process begin with a large list of potential keywords, which is refined with multiple filters. The filtered results are then manually reviewed and sorted to develop micro groups of keywords.

Get Keyword Services

The bottom-line on PPC advertising is working smarter to get the most leads for the lowest possible cost. Our keyword research services enable us to offer cost-effective paid search services on Google AdWords and Bing Ads. We also offer PPC keyword research and lists as a stand-alone service. To learn more simply contact us online or call 504-300-9544.