PPC Advertising 101

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC is an acronym for "Pay Per Click", which is a form of internet based advertising. PPC is also referred to as paid search advertising, cost-per-click advertising and sponsored ads. These terms all identify a common online advertising model.

Basically, a business runs ads and pays a charge whenever someone clicks on their ad. When someone clicks on an ad they are directed to the advertiser's website. A percentage of this website traffic results in leads for the advertiser's company

The aforementioned terms are generic names for the advertising model. Large companies own and operate their own PPC platforms under branded names. Examples of PPC advertising platforms are Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and many others. Each of these PPC services has a different way to manage PPC advertising campaigns.

Benefits of PPC Advertising

PPC offers tremendous benefits and advantages when it is properly structured and managed. If you hear people complain about PPC advertising they probably had incompetent people running their campaigns.

  • ✓ Advertisers pay only when someone clicks on an ad.
  • ✓ Advertiser controls the maximum daily advertising budget.
  • ✓ Advertiser controls the maximum bid price for every keyword.
  • ✓ Advertiser controls the days and times for ads to be shown.
  • ✓ Advertiser controls when to start/stop ads from displaying.
  • ✓ Advertiser chooses which page should be seen for a keyword.
  • ✓ Advertiser has the ability to be at the top of search engines.
  • ✓ Advertiser can generate more leads for specific services or products.
  • ✓ Advertiser receives monthly performance analytics reports.

PPC advertising can provide the boost in lead generation that increases sales. The most effective paid search advertising programs are those setup and managed by experienced PPC management companies. A reliable PPC agency will provide consulting to understand your needs, complete keyword research, and apply best practices.

If your business needs more leads, PPC advertising may be right for you. To learn more contact us online or call 504-300-9544