Top 10 Online Brand Management Tips 2016

Top 10 Online Brand Management Ideas for 2016

Tips for building a strong brand presence for your company

Published on by: James Hobson

Running your business in this fast-paced technology age has its own unique set of challenges. Whether your business is 100 percent online or almost exclusively brick-and-mortar, you must practice the right online branding measures to remain a top competitor in your field. That rightly said, you must learn what digital techniques maintain the integrity of your brand and keep you in front of your target audience without wasting your time, or even unintentionally sabotaging your efforts. Here are 10 tried-and-true online brand management ideas that will help you position your business for greater success in 2016:

1. Own Your Brand

It goes without saying that social media is the top online branding technique. With it, your company name, trademark, and logo remain directly in front of a global audience. Without it, you can unknowingly fall victim to malicious attacks from your direct competitors. Keep your brand – and its reputation – as crystal clear as possible by creating social media pages and profiles that enhance your company’s objectives. Then, monitor the Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. pages yourself or hire a professional internet marketing company to do it for you. This keeps your competition from creating false accounts under your company name that damage your reputation in front of potential clients, associates, and investors. Use a list of top social media sites to find sites where you need to set up an account with your business name.

2. Create a Brand Management Strategy

If you’re a small operation, scheduling a few minutes every day to make at least one post to all of your social media profiles should be sufficient. However, if you’re just starting out and need to build a brand name, or are working in a field with unlimited competition, you need to vamp up your daily posts, shares, and likes. In order to focus your efforts, you’ll need to work with an internet marketing company that can show you cold, hard facts about what techniques are – and are not – adding to your bottom line.

3. Build Your Brand with Great Content

Great content is unique, well-researched articles, posts, and video content that educates or "wows" your current and/or potential customers. Oftentimes, it’s too easy to throw up cheap, substandard content that fills space but decreases the value of your website and social media accounts. If you can’t write, hire someone that can to make sure that your readers walk away with a favorable opinion of your business and advice that keeps them coming back to your sites and pages until they buy something from you. The better content includes well designed infographics, videos and text articles that are at least 1000 words high quality content.

4. Manage Your Online Reputation

Unanswered comments and questions on your social media profiles make it look like you are not interested in interacting with your customers. Escape this kiss of internet branding death by checking reviews, responding enthusiastically to good reviews, and using low-key, polite answers to soothe the sting of negative reviews on sites such as Angie’s List, Yelp, Google, Bing, and Thumbtack. Stay on top of incoming comments and questions by setting up Google Alerts to make this online management task more seamless.

5. Utilize Analytics

At least once a month, take a long, hard look at the number of "likes" and "shares" you have across your online branding efforts. Then, add more content that gets liked and shared, and decrease or eliminate the type of content that doesn’t solicit favorable reader responses.

6. Strive to Develop Brand Loyalty

While all of the preceding online management ideas work like a charm, customer service is still numero uno. Schedule time each week to make sure that your products and/or services are second-to-none. If not, make the appropriate changes. Then, use your website and social media profiles to show your clients every product or service improvement that you make.

7. Choose Quality Over Quantity

Analyze your social media profiles every six months to uncover the issues that are of greatest concerns to your clients. Then, post top-quality, in-depth articles about these topics on both your website and your social media profiles. Continue to use this quality over quantity approach to keep your online branding techniques second-to-none.

8. Include Timely, Relevant Images with Your Posts

Your social media posts pack the greatest punch when you use a timely, relevant image that supports the content. Use a "real" image that you or one of your employee took to engage your readers. Never "scrape" photo images or graphics from other websites. Using graphics or photos taken from Google Images or websites can get you sued for copyright infringement under the Digital Millennium Copyrights Act.

9. Online Brand Management: Housekeeping Matters

At least once every 90 days, go through your website and social media content to get rid of old, outdated posts that are no longer relevant or that could tarnish your business’s reputation. For example, a "new" product that came out six months ago is old, tired news now. And, unfortunate news topics, such as Bill Cosby’s falls from grace, can bring ill will by association to your company.

10. Focus on the Customer

Although we’ve listed this as number 10, focusing on the customer (reader) is arguably the most important element of your online branding techniques. Because each and every step of your branding efforts should be focused on building a relationship with your customers, hard sales pitches should be minimized. Instead, focus on establishing a reputation that accurately represents your business and outlines an appropriate reputation from your customers. Creating content that answers common customer questions or solves problems works to build a relationship.

For example, if it takes 6 weeks to make a customized order from your business, write content that shows each step of the process in a fresh, exciting light. Then, further build up the anticipation by adding images of the ending stages of the process that lead up to the grand, finished finale.

It’s content like this that keeps your customers fully engaged in your business, which in turn makes your online branding efforts easier and even fun. The smartest thing you can do while utilizing these online brand management ideas is to put yourself in your own customer’s shoes. Then, ask yourself if the idea reinforces the trust you want your clients to have in you. If it does, move forward immediately. If it doesn’t, move on to the next, best online branding tool at your disposal.

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