2013 Business Website Design

Business Website Design in 2013

The Leading Edge of Business Website Design

Originally published on by: James Hobson

Now is the time to propel your business ahead on search engines! Offense wins the game, right? While most businesses are laying low you can gain ground by taking the bold steps of doing a total revamp of your online presence. This article will speak to persons who understand that simply “having a website” does not mean that your business is on the same level as a competitor. So now you are (or should be) wondering what are some of the differences?

It All Starts With Business Knowledge

Web Designer Experience

Website design in 2013 must be a strategic process.Have you met with a website designer that raves about “cool stuff” they can do for your website? And do they get that deer in the headlights look when you start discussing your market, competition, buying process or buying cycle, and core business needs? This is because they lack real world business experience. They’ve probably never worked as a manager, much less an owner, in a B2B or industrial company. They’ve never had to prepare a formal bid for an RFQ or RFP, never dealt with production schedules or project management, and never developed a business plan, sales forecasts or operations budgets. They can however, buy a WordPress template and add the pictures and text content that YOU write for them. It’s no wonder that so many business websites do little more than exist – these business websites are made by people you might not hire to work in your back room. Business experience matters.

Technical Capabilities

I’ll be quick to admit that platforms like WordPress can be a great solution for some business websites . . . the simple ones anyway. When you hire a website designer you need to consider their technical capabilities with specific regard for their ability to handle your needs in a customized and relevant manner. WordPress designers rely on plug-ins and usually can’t deliver when you need critical development features and internet marketing services.

Website design is a professional skill that requires knowledge of user preferences, color theory, search engine algorithms, traditional marketing concepts and more. Believing that simply buying a template, and adding some text and a few photos will deliver success is a huge mistake.

In the recent past the internet has served as a great tool to get a business found by more potential customers, and get the business found in new areas. Now, online users are expecting to be able to do more than find your brochure website. The ready-to-buy users want interactivity and the ability to control the website experience. The modern user wants to buy online, download brochures, access forms, view GOOD photos of products, and get detailed information. Additionally they are accessing websites from desktop computers and mobile devices. Can your website guy handle all of this? Do they have the technical design ad development skills to make your company more successful now and moving forward?

2013 Website Trends

It’s all too easy to say “I’ve got a website and it’s fine”. But is it really okay? What criteria are you using to make this assessment? In 2012 Google changed their search engine algorithm over 100 times – did you adjust your website to leverage these opportunities? Is your website designed to take advantage of large monitor screens AND able to render well on mobile devices, smart phones and tablets? Has your website company discussed with you responsive website design, SVG content or app development? If not, you are leaving the door wide open for a competitor to advance far ahead of you. Is looking through their dust the view you want or one your business can afford? It’s time to be aggressive and take the action that can protect your bottom line.

How Good Is The Information You Receive?

If you live in a relatively small market you probably have a somewhat small pool of website design companies and fewer website developers or internet marketing companies. This invariably means that the knowledge base is weak and behind the curve when compared to large market service companies. By reaching outside of your local market you have the opportunity to engage professional expertise and technical skills that will devastate your competitors now and for quite some time. Additionally you can hire a company that is not working with your competitors.

Unless you live and do business in a major market, the leading edge of website design and internet marketing is probably hidden from view. In 2013 do you want more of the same or an opportunity to gain ground on your competition?

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